4 Questions To Ask Before Hiring An Air Conditioner Repair Service

Air conditioners play an essential role in our daily lives, especially during the summer. That’s why it is important to repair them as soon as you find out any issues. But before deciding to choose a specific service for these tasks, here are four important questions to ask.

1. Why doesn’t your home feel cool?

In most cases, people often think that they will need AC repair when their house begins to feel excessively warm. However, make sure the check the following things before calling a professional service:

  • Is the thermostat working properly?
    The thermostat is mainly responsible for carrying the desired temperature to the AC, so if you notice a blank screen, it is likely to heat up your home quickly. Thus, make sure to check the batteries and see whether there is any loose electrical wire.
  • Is the air conditioning operating properly?
    If your air conditioning system is still on, but your home is still warm, then make sure to examine the air filter because debris accumulation could prevent efficient airflows.

2. Why are some areas warmer than others?

In many houses, several rooms seem not to receive the same airflows as others. The reason might come from the room location when a garage is uninsulated or a part of your home could be on the side and get the most sunlight. A ductwork issue would also a cause. Before calling an air conditioner repair service, you should:

  • Ensure that the vents are not obstructed and open
  • Set up insulated curtains over the windows if the spaces are directly exposed to sunlight
  • Leave the doors open for return airflows

3. Why do your electricity bills go up?

If your electricity bills have recently changed a lot, then there might be something with the efficiency of your air conditioner. Before wondering whether you need repair service, make sure to:

  • Change the air filter which is clogged because it might inhibit airflow and make it harder for your system to work
  • Check to know whether caulk and weather stripping around windows and doors as deteriorated. In most cases, cool air would leak out
  • Open the vents. Otherwise, closed or blocked vents won’t allow cool airs to flow properly

If you perform all of these checks and your bills keep rising, then it’s time to call a professional service.

4. Should you replace or repair your air conditioner?

This is perhaps the most common questions that most homeowners often ask to Airconditioning Repair Adelaide. As a new air conditioner is often more expensive than repair, many people always hope that their system could be fixed. Before making this decision, you need to answer this question: Is your unit older than ten years? In general, an air conditioner would last from 10 to 15 years. So if your unit is close to that, you might have to pay for repairs more regularly. If the accumulated costs rise quickly, then it is better to have a new air conditioner.